We are a purpose-driven organization

Focus on profit and you drive your company to a downfall, focus on purpose and you see it drive itself to prosperity.

Let us help you part with old-fashioned and ineffective business models

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  1. Ideate
  2. Define
  3. Develop
  4. Deliver

From The Founder

We establish the balance between the "tech savvy" and "people savvy"

"We help businesses realize they have to make technology and innovation their strategy instead of simply adopting technology and innovations. -

Technology for business is in everything. It starts from acquisition, marketing, onboarding, sales automation. And you can have innovative approaches, that make business processes drive themselves. In all of these areas is where technology can contribute and add value." - Valery Kholodov (CEO)

Our Values


We value the mindset of looking at what’s in front of you and optimizing what you have to work with.

Being imaginative is not always about creating something new, but also making old things work better with a little ingenuity. We never stop our creative process. Creative thoughts quickly move us from one idea to another and to another, but one of those bears the fruits of a genius solution


We put competence in the core of our organization.

Coldrift seeks to amplify skills and talents of each associate and we despise the ongoing cultural war on competence


We value initiative more than power.

We believe that a truly genuine willingness to create and deliver leads to much better results and customer statisfaction.


A mastery is only then true when it can be passed on to the next generation.

Coldrift seeks to provide appropriate pathways and opportunities to junior employees so as to assert the continuity of organization. We believe in perpetual learning .


We are not associated with any governments or political institutions.

Political neutrality is a position a business adopts regarding a particular conflict. Politically neutral parties maintain a neutral stance for the duration of a conflict. Political neutrality has its basis in international law and common principles of international society, but it is termed political in the sense that it is influenced by political factors, and as a chosen policy serves business interests.