Technology Consulting

We are technological mavens. Let us help you untap the potential of your business idea by means of technology

Product Design

Let us design a product taylored specifically towards your goals

UX/UI Strategies

We are experts in UX/UI Design. Pitch us your project and we'll help you develop interactive user interfaces that breath innovation and aesthetics

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Research & Prototyping

Let us investigate feasibility of an idea by creating and studying a minimal viable product (MVP) and collecting feedback

Frontend Development

Our key competence is creating highly scalable web applications with perfectly tested React or Angular front-end that makes an impression on users across all digital platforms.

Backend Development

We take our pride in fast, sustainable development process using cutting edge technologies. We have the know-how to develop and deploy applications on the go

Data Engineering

We build data warehouses and implement robust extract-transform-load (ETL) processes


We are experts in integrating systems and automating sales, acquisition, distribution and marketing workflows



Security is integrated in our work by design. We are an independent commercial entity and have no affiliation with any governments or political organizations

Privacy & GDPR

We have solid verifyable expertise in privacy and think about privacy in our projects by design. We are on a mission towards safer and friendlier web and incorporate this vision in our work

User Testing

Do you have an application, a product or a service that needs testing? We can arrange a testing environment for users to review, provide feedback and obtain relieable test results

Performance optimisation

We help you scale your web application to be ready to handle million of users on a daily basis